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Carpet types

Show room carpets

Tufted variety’s

Twist: Ideal hard-wearing carpet mostly plain colours. The yarn is tightly twisted and often heat-set resulting in a versatile and textured finish most popular fibres being 80 wool / 20 nylon.

Velvet: A luxury carpet for occasional rooms. The surface pile is sheared to give a smooth finish. The finish can be prone to showing foot prints and shadowing.

Shag Pile: The pile can be up to 50mm long and the texture is loose and casual, thus creating a surface that can easily be flattened.

level loop: All the loops are the same height, often made from synthetic fibres as well as wool. this is a durable carpet.

Berber: Usually made from thick, bulky yarns mainly wool. Can be often flexed in either a loop pile or twist construction.



Axminister: The pile is woven and inserted into the back of the carpet which allows for intricate designs and colours to be used. This is an extremely durable carpet.

Wilton: A high quality carpet produced in a similar way to Axministers. The carpet is sheared to create a cut and loop textured effect.



These are created by firing fibres into an adhesive material used mainly for commercial carpet tiles.

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Hard Flooring

Show room Kardeen


A luxury flooring made from part recycled PVC; it is used to create a textured surface for a beautiful natural finish. Designed to be slip resistant, Karndean is available in six different product range consisting of Wood, Stone, Tiles, Metal, Mosaic and Pebble finishes.

Karndean can be used in both domestic and commercial applications.


manufacturers of durable, low maintenance vinyl sheet safety flooring, providing advanced cleanability along with sustainable slip resistance.

Domestic ranges available as well as commercial products. Widely used in schools, hospitals care homes and offices.


Vinyl flooring is easy to wipe, clean and it is warm underfoot. Designs range from Wood, Marble effect, stone tiles to bright content designs.

Vinyl is available in sheet form and is available in 2,3 or 4 meter widths.

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Underlays are manufactured on the UK from recycled polyurethane foam. There are underlays for any location "luxury use" is the highest rating for domestic locations whilst "Heavy contract Use" is the highest rating for contract location.

Carpenter underlay will help protect your carpet from depressions made by heavy furniture and will also provide excellent insulation.


Offers a wide choice of crumb rubber and sponge underlays, all manufactured in the UK

Duralay is famous for durability in domestic and contract applications and for providing specialist solutions.

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